Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Packaging Finally Done!

Phew! After a month of designing and ordering, I have finally gotten all of the parts together for my new packaging. Since the line is going to be more upscale I needed something suitable so I'm going with boxes which will have fitted, printed inserts that will hug the soaps snugly.

There will be an option to buy soap dishes as well. This photo shows the light Maple one. There's also a deep Black Acacia style that is really gorgeous. The custom letterpress tags are made by Joie Studios. (thanks Tina!)

Now on to the soaps! I have to make some molds so I'll probably list each design as they're done. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mini Modern - Pint Sized but Big on Style

Flickr is one of my favorite online places to poke around. There always seems to be some sort of new hobby (ie obsession) to discover. One day I came across Mini Modern's pics, which led me to the Mini Modern blog. I'm afraid the designer doesn't tell us much about himself, but he creates the coolest dollhouses I have ever seen. If only my Barbies could have lived in so much style!

This shot is of a loft space he put together. What's really neat about the blog entries is that you get to see all of his arrangements, whether they worked or not (in my opinion they all do, but he's a tough critic!). He also shares where he got his pieces and tips on where to find some good houses. The last thing I need is a new hobby or reason to buy stuff, so I'll just enjoy Mini Modern!