Thursday, April 30, 2009

Special Issue is Coming Along!

The cover is done and many articles have been written! The upcoming special edition of Let's Get Soapy is packed full of tips, great inspirational collages for both texture and packaging ideas, cystal clear photos, and even a guest article from Erin of Naiad Soap Arts! You will love what she has done with the featured technique - how to make your own texture sheets.

I have 2 more full tutorials to go: the Peace & Quiet Bars and a beautiful (yet unnamed!) soap featuring a hand painted design within the bar. The eZine will be ready by late May, so make sure to sign up for the Soapyclub to be notified of the special early bird discount, which only lasts one week before the eZine is at regular price.

To see the current issues available, go to the Let's Get Soapy shopping cart. There are even lots of a la carte tutorials!

I'll keep you posted with new photos from the articles being written, so stay tuned!