Monday, May 11, 2009

Good News for Typography Soap Fans

The Soap Lab is a small little blog with a teeny tiny following, so when I see a jump in my hits, I know something is up.

Well, lately I've been seeing a few of these jumps and it's all because of the Typography Soap. Thank you to these sites (mostly graphic design sites!) that are fans of my letter covered bar:

Desktop Publishing Forum
We Love Typography (I think the hits are from a forum that's login only, but the site is so cool!)
Graphism (France)
Phinney on Fonts
Quipsologies - Finding the Creative in the Everyday
Steve Mehallo on Twitter
Aaron Bell on Twitter
Stylehive under "Typography"

I am going to produce a limited edition run of these soaps. Starting next Monday you'll be able to buy them in my Soap Lab shop. I will produce as many as are purchased within the next week or two, and then close The Soap Lab doors again (I would love to have it open all the time but with 2 kids, an eZine, my Soapylove biz, etc, I just can't).

So stay tuned and get ready to grab one before they're snapped up by all those letter hungry graphic designers! :)